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International Calling

To see international rates by country, please click here and view page 37.

International Mobile Surcharges

CREDO Long Distance applies per-minute surcharges on calls to mobile phones and pagers in certain countries, due to the high cost of providing this service. Domestic calls to mobile devices and international calls to non-mobile devices will not be affected.

The table below lists the affected countries, and the digits you can use to identify if your call is to a mobile phone. For example, mobile termination charges will apply to a call to Austria that begins with country code 43 and is followed by 650, 663, 664, 676, or 699, regardless of any dialed digits that follow afterwards.

To view the per-minute mobile termination surcharge, select a country:

Click here to see a list of the affected countries and the identifying mobile codes.

24-Hour International Discount Plan

Enroll in our 24-Hour International Discount Plan to take advantage of our low rates on direct-dialed international calls. For just $3.95 a month, you'll pay one rate per country 24 hours a day, seven days a week when you dial directly from your home. If not enrolled in any international calling plan, base international calling rates will apply. Mobile surcharges may apply. See our Terms and Conditions.

Direct-Dial 24-Hour International Discount Plan Rates

Click here to see a listing of some of the low direct-dial rates you'll pay when you enroll in our 24-Hour International Discount Plan.

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We donate 1% of your CREDO Long Distance charges to nonprofit groups working for women's rights, the environment, equality, peace and social justice, at no extra cost to you.

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Notice for Ohio Customers: The prices, service descriptions, and terms & conditions for your CREDO Long Distance will no longer be on file at the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO). This will not result in a change to the prices, terms, or conditions of your CREDO Long Distance service.